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Marty Vaughn – Owner

I have worked here in Nashville in the fitness industry since 1999. I was interested in fitness at a young age, as I was looking for a path to getting healthier and in better shape. My passion for fitness eventually grew into wanting to help others with their journey to health and fitness. In those 16 years I have had a vision of how I would help others, and 360 Fitness Coaching is that vision.

Naomi Krizner – Coach

Naomi began her fitness journey bouncing between Tae Kwon Do and little league football. After earning three black belts and reaching high school, she decided to take on Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Crossfit.
She came to Nashville from Philadelphia to attend Belmont University, where she studied Sport and Movement Performance. She fell in love with coaching and got certified as both a personal trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and she became a mobility specialist with Functional Range Conditioning.
She is passionate about educating people on how to develop mobility that they can not only use in their daily life, but one that will allow them to live better.

WHY 360 Fitness Coaching?

Movement is the initial focus when beginning with us so we must assess that before we build your program.  The ability to move well should be priority in starting a program and adding intensity.  Too often, different methods of fitness will overlook this and add intensity before the person can handle it, leading to overtraining and eventual breakdown in the body.

At 360 Fitness Coaching we specialize in private fitness coaching (one coach/one client), small group fitness coaching (one coach/2-4 clients), and group coaching for aging adults.  360 Fitness Coaching was chosen as the name because we feel that we can offer you a complete and well-rounded coaching experience…a complete circle if you will.  We are conveniently located in West Nashville just off of Charlotte Pike.

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