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Private coaching, semi-private coaching and large group members are all given programs that include mobility, stability, corrective exercise, core, power, strength, metabolic conditioning as well as nutrition.


Private Personal Training

•Traditional personal training where the client gets the full attention of the coach.

•One coach/one client.

•Each client gets a personalized program.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-private coaching allows for greater scheduling flexibility and is more economical than traditional private coaching.

One coach to 1-4 members

Each individual is completing a personalized exercise program specific to his or her needs and goals.


Stay Strong Active Aging Program

Our 360 Fitness Coaching personal trainers will guide you through a program that is personalized and designed to work on four critical factors everyone needs (1)Mobility, (2)Power, (3)Balance, and (4) Stamina – so that you can live an active and independent life and enjoy all of those grand adventure ahead of you.




1. Personal training group sessions with up to 6 participants – so that you get the in instruction and guidance necessary.

2. Increased strength, flexibility, mobility and balance so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself.
3. Expert instruction from our team of coaches. We have over 30 years of experience in personal training.
4. Exercise programs that are personalized to your needs and ability.
5. Up to three 30-minute personal training sessions each week for 2 weeks. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11:15 –11:45 a.m.

Schedule your free consultation

A professionally trained coach will sit down with you to learn about your health history, any past injuries, your training history and your specific goals. You will then be evaluated on your range of motion and flexibility and participate in the Functional Movement Screen.  This will also screen you for any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury. This screening helps to ensure that your fitness program is designed so that you are moving toward your goals safely.  With all of this information we will create a strategy that best fits your goals.