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What People Are Saying

I initially signed up for the 2x/week small group, personal training membership with the goals of trimming some fat and regaining some strength and flexibility that I had lost over the past few years.

I assumed that my results would be mediocre at best,  just like all of the other programs that I had tried in the past. But, I have trimmed some fat, and so far I am down one pants size.
I am now able to do a full squat without any more knee pain. Also, I'm stronger at push-ups than ever before. Overall, my joint strength has improved, which gives me more strength and confidence in everyday movement.

Training is training, but EFFECTIVE training with real results is what sets 360 Fitness Coaching apart from the rest

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Cathy Stoner

I came to 360 Fitness Coaching looking for direction through my pregnancy. I actually came in for a workout session 2 days prior to the birth of my daughter Hazel. I really like the individualized attention and affordability of small group personal training.

Sabrina Hall 

My last experience with personal training was not a positive one. I took about 9 months off from training after that and I started to see my  strength and flexibility decline. 360 Fitness Coaching

was strongly recommended to me by massage therapist and you have not disappointed! The  programs here provide variety which keeps me interested in working out. I have seen improvement in my strength and flexibility and I look forward to working out...I actually have biceps now.
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Nancy Yeagle

Gail Jacobs

Klare Beach

Mabel Komin


"Super clean facility, friendly members, good workout, and Marty is very knowledgeable. What more could you ask for in a gym/personal trainer?! 🙂"
- Mary Broome

"Best gym in West Nashville. Super supportive staff, challenging workouts and you will not find a cleaner gym in Nashville!"
- Klare Beach

"I have been at 360 Fitness for almost five months now and With the guidance/training by Marty Vaughn and his team, I have seen my body transform. I set physical goals for myself for an album photo shoot and Marty's small group training and metabolic conditioning classes helped me surpass those goals!!!!! I finally feel good in my own skin again. Another awesome thing is I love all my workouts (I never dread going to workout) and I've met so many wonderful people at 360 Fitness!! This is the gym to try out and connect with!! You will meet your goals and also meet friends for life!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 5 STARS!! The facility and equipment are first class too!!"

- Julie Roberts

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